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Offshore Company Formatiom

Offshore companies are businesses registered, established, or incorporated outside of the country of residence.


What is a Free Zone company?

A Free Zone is a specified autonomous jurisdiction area within each Emirate. Free Zones are operated by a regulatory body known as the Free Zone Authority (FZA) and function based on their own regulations.
Free Zones provide a host of competitive packages and benefits—including 100% foreign ownership and an income-tax-free environment—for investors looking to set up their company in the region.
A Free Zone company is any company registered within the 40+ Free Zones of the UAE. This type of company is only authorized to trade within the Free Zone and outside the UAE; this means that a Free Zone company cannot trade on the mainland.
An investor can commonly set up 3 types of business companies within a Free Zone—Free Zone Company (FZC), Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and a Branch of a business concern.

Benefits of Establishment of Offshore Company

It helps to facilitate global trading.  in an international scenario, while minimizing the costs is the biggest advantage of an offshore Company.
An offshore company is free and exempt of many taxes, which are levied otherwise. Hence saving various kinds of taxes is the other important aspect.
The spread of the online businesses in different parts of the world can be easily executed through the incorporation of offshore companies. Online business is always targeted to the people of different countries and thus an offshore company in these countries will serve the purpose of carrying out financial transactions easily and efficiently
The offshore companies can also be used as a mode of asset protection. Many companies want to spread their assets in different parts of the world. Some countries are more stable politically than the other countries. Hence it is always good to spread the assets of the company in different countries of the world.

company formation
UAE Offshore companies don’t provide UAE residency visas for the owners They are set up for operating outside their registered jurisdiction or the location of their primary setup. 
  •   100% ownership possibility
  • Physical offices not required
  • No corporate tax applied
  • Owner personal details not recorded publicly
  • Multicurrency bank account and ease of business internationally